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“A Week in the Life at Archway” – Unrealistic Remodeling Expectations & More

kitchen remodel hardwood flooring

Welcome to another edition of “A Week in the Life at Archway,” where we give you a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on here at our remodeling company on a given week. This week, our focus is on the unrealistic remodeling expectations we encountered with some of the people...


Contemporary Bathroom Remodel – Before and After Photos

contemporary bathroom before and after

At Archway, we work hard to provide beautiful spaces for customers that could really use an upgrade. That was the case in this particular bathroom remodeling project. We recently finished up this full bathroom remodel in Chicago for a great customer. Before the remodel, his bathroom was a very outdated and...


“Trends At Archway” – Shaker Style Cabinets for Kitchens & Baths

shaker kitchen cabinets

Today on our social media series, “Trends at Archway”, we are talking about Shaker style kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Shaker style refers to the simplistic and functional design that the religious group known as the Shakers created in the 1800’s. Featuring a simple, classic design with recessed panels, the...