Subdued Hues

Color me neutral. Stark white kitchens will never be out of style, but the trends are moving toward gray, putty, deep tan, and gray-white.

The experts see the demand for bold shades waning, as kitchens tend to be part of a great room and the color must extend throughout the entire space.  Today’s kitchen design must consider lifestyles and the fact that many kitchens are truly co-mingling hubs of activity including work areas for crafts, laptops and TV viewing, not just eating!

The high-energy color palettes with a hint of the past — yellow, chili red, etc. — have given way to a more neutral, soothing, and calming colors that were once reserved for places like bedrooms. Think spa-influenced colors like shale, flannel gray, putty and deep tan.  Paint companies follow color trends by the minute, so browsing the latest paint colors is always just a click away.