Lets Talk Replacement Windows

July 3, 2013 posted In Windows

Gone are the days when you are forced to dig out the ladder, dust it off, grab a pale of soapy water or hang on tight to a power hose in order to get those windows squeaky clean. Today, depending on the glass, your windows will not only clean themselves but they will also positively affect your energy bills. Companies such as Alside and Cardinal Glass are maximizing their efforts in order to take full advantage of the expanding technology.

According to Nevil Eastwood, director of construction and environmental resources for Habitat for Humanity International, “An adequate vinyl window might cost $100-$150, a double-paned window with a low e-rating (that’s a good thing) can cost $50 – $100 more.” At first thought, this may seem like a large investment, but if you continually replace your worn-out windows with energy efficient windows you will end up making back the cost in full with improved efficiency. 

Now, in order to maximize your benefits and minimize the maintenance of new windows we need to ask ourselves one simple questions… 

What’s the best window type for me? 

When your typical windows become wet due to rain or other weather, the water separates and this causes the dirt to create spots or streaking. New products such as “NEAT” naturally clean glass and “Sun Clean” are able to take advantage of the sun’s natural UV rays in order to break away dirt. This way, when it rains, it leaves your windows practically spotless. Once the windows eventually dry, a “sheeting” action removes the dirt from the window surface and accelerates the drying process. Windows that stay cleaner longer and are easier to clean with just the sun, rain, and glass technology… Can we talk about opportunity cost? Count. Me. In. At Archway we believe windows should be an easy solution.