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July 3, 2013 posted In Windows

PVC Resins, Fiberglass mesh standard, Welded Frame & Sash, Extruded Screens, Life time Warranties and more

It’s the time of year again. The days get shorter, The wind picks up and the leave start changing color. What most people don’t know is the windows in there very room can change the mood, setting and budget of the home.

Many homes have more than one type of Window. From a Skylight to French doors or everything in between, there is no right treatment for all of them but there is a right window for all of them. Our short guide will give you a brief insight to the different types of Windows backed with our free Online, Phone Call (773.665.4444 )or In Home support team. We understand when it comes to selecting Windows some are straightforward and others can get a bit tricky.

The Arched– Because there are numerous types of arched windows, choosing the right window can be a challenge. If your window is a perfect arch the process is a bit simpler. You need to be able to measure the height and width of the window. If you are not sure or need help give us a ring (773.665.4444) and we will walk you through the process. Once that is complete you are ready to choose the window, glass and frame.

Resins– what we like about them is

  • 100% Pure PVC Resin (no regrind)
  • Vinyl holds memory
  • Dependable weathering / superior physical strength

Welded Frame & Sash– These are greater the different shapes like arches or Diamond frame

  • Miter creates a clean, finished look
  • Provides Strength & Stability
  • Protects against water & air infiltration
  • Hidden Screen Track

Extruded Screens– Perfect protection against Sun and Weather providing optimal budget efficiency

  • Superior Strength
  • Hidden Spline Track
  • Spline won’t dry out in the sun
  • ½ screen standard / full screen available
  • Fiberglass mesh standard / aluminum available
  • Lifetime Warranty


“Finger Friendly” Vent Latches– Easy to use, Child Safe and Senior friendly.

  • Standard on all Double-Hung and 2-lite sliding windows
  • Provides Peace of Mind when by limiting ventilation opening
  • “Finger Friendly” Easy Operation
  • Super Tough high strength polymer

Security Locks– Same great quality with That Added Security

  • Powder coated (ex. Automobiles) resists chipping
  • Color-coordinated to interior
  • Double-hung greater than 25” receive dual (2) cam locks standard
  • Full Cam Action
  • “Lock Symbol” provides peace-of-mind

That’s all for now. Tune into our next post for part TWO and more details on Window Selection and Replacement.