What Your Roof Says About You

July 22, 2013 posted In Roofing

In the wonderful world of roofing every one tends to think more on the side of insulation, leak protection, weather proof, etc… It can be more fun than that though. There are different roof shapes, and shingle colors, and other materials that can help bring you personality to the exterior of your home.

Roofing Trends

Just like every new season brings about new color trends, new fashion trends, and new food trends, the roofing industry is no exception with new and exciting styles, materials, and colors.

Warm and Earthy Roof Color Trends

The top trends in color for a home have always tended to be those influenced by nature. It makes sense in a way that the exterior of a home is the part that faces the outside world and is therefore influenced by its surroundings. Blues and greens, more specific warm aqua, gray, beige, taupe, and off-white are the nature tones that people generally love to use on their roof to make it pop!

Going Green with Building Materials

Archway is continuing to push the envelope when it comes to creating an eco-friendly home. Archway Offers home owners with options of energy efficient roofing materials such as: insulation, and roofing panels that will be more environmentally friendly.

More and more consumers are opting for eco-friendly roofs, so in turn manufacturers are applying more emphasis on the delivery of clean, and recyclable product. These products have to pass a certain type of specification entailing that they are free of formaldehyde and ozone-depleting hydrochlorocfuorocarbons (HCFCs) and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), plus a guarantee that the material is 100% recyclable. Insulated metal roof panels fall into this category as well, and they have been receiving a great deal of attention in 2013 because of their design opportunities, and commercial versatility. They are being designed with an enhanced thermal performance, which in turn provides maintenance and energy cost savings.

Roofing Shapes

Arched/Curved Roofs– This shape has been an upcoming star in the industry, but is expected to rise even more in popularity this year and next. This particular type of roof has many advantages some of them being that they are architecturally appealing in which they create appealing angles. Also just about any type of shingle works well with an arched roof, and different textures can be created with edge finishing and gutter options.

Dutch Gambrel Roof– This is a throwback style roof to 18th century Georgian style with side slopes that is also trending in roofs right now. This type of roof is artsy and vintage styled at the same time. This type of roof is non-traditional and can be even more jazzed up with color.

Archway understands the need to being your own person and letting that personality shine through with the home that you live in. We strive to become better and more knowledgeable in the work we do in order to better the work that we do for others. For more information, contact us today!