Choosing a New Roof: Why Asphalt Shingles Continue to Be the Number 1 Choice of Homeowners

House with brick siding, white windows, and dark shingles

Your roof is a valuable asset. This single feature of your home contributes substantially to its value, efficiency, appearance and structural integrity. The roof you select sets the style for your home while protecting the assets inside it. All roofs eventually need to be replaced. Replacing your old roof with a new, quality installed roof is an investment that will continue to offer returns for years to come.

This guest post from John Anderson of Severe Weather Roofing and Restoration in Loveland CO, can help you understand the various benefits of choosing asphalt shingles for your roof replacement.

A Shingle for Every Home

When making your roofing selection, a number of options are available, from heavy slate products that require extra support to wooden shakes that need regular maintenance to preserve. However, the overwhelming majority of homeowners choose asphalt shingles for their home roofing needs. Asphalt shingles continue to get the nod from homeowners across the United States because they offer durability, versatility, quality, and practicality.

Made of either organic or fiberglass materials, asphalt shingles are specially coated to be weather resistant and stand up to the elements year after year. With different lifespans and durability levels, there is an asphalt shingle available to suit every budget.

Style and Safety

Not only are asphalt shingles available at every price point, but asphalt shingles come in a greater array of colors, styles and textures than any other roofing material. Modern asphalt designs often mimic the look of much more expensive and high-maintenance roofing materials. Your home can affordably have the look of slate or tile without the need for extra structural support or the look of wooden shake tiles without the extra maintenance. Most new fiberglass shingles carry a class A fire rating. Available Class 4 impact resistant shingles provide the highest protection against storm damage. These highly durable shingles protect your home while maintaining your roof’s appearance.

Roofing Replacement – Now’s the Time

Take a look at your existing roof. Is it showing visible signs of wear and tear? Do you know when it was installed or when it was last inspected? Now is a great time to schedule a roofing consultation, before spring’s storms arrive. With the help of Archway Home Remodeling’s expert team of installers, you will be able to select the perfect shingles for your home from a variety of reliable manufacturers. With quality materials and professional installation, you can protect your investment and gain peace of mind.

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