Kitchens: They DO Build Them Like They Used To

August 1, 2013 posted In Kitchens

The Modern Vintage Kitchen Trend:

“Everything old is new again.” This has been a quote used in the fashion world for years, and it doesn’t only refer to clothing. We see vintage influences everyday, everywhere and there is something special about knowing that what a car looks like today, was a horse and buggy in the beginning, or that the original version of the internet came out in the early 1970s. Everything we see on a daily basis has decades and decades of revisions and upgrades done to them. Thus meaning these modern trends lead back to the past, and we can embrace this merge of modern and vintage in home design. Kitchens are a natural gathering place in ones home, therefore, it’s one of the most important rooms and perfect for this top trend. Here are a few ways you can achieve this look:

Kitchen Appliances:

One of the top looks is for an all white backdrop of cabinets and drawers, with colorful retro kitchen appliances to pop off that white and hardwood floor to go along with it all. Old time looking refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers are a great way to play into the trend, especially if they are in the pastel colored family. Other ways to jazz up this trend is by using similar colored smaller appliances such as a mixer, blender, toaster, etc… Kitchenaid is really great at designing a product to go with a person’s personality and creates many products that can fall into the modern vintage category by simply the use of some retro color.


Now a few minor ways to stress this trend can be in the details. A great way to go is with vintage drawer and cabinet pulls. They are a small way to keep the trend in unison throughout the kitchen. Another way is by using vintage looking canisters to place flour, coffee, sugar, etc…, in. Going off of that, you can also create this look by filling up mason jars, then slap a chalkboard sticker on them to label it and make it even more fun! Some even smaller ways to play with the trend is to find some vintage light switch, or outlets covers. You would be surprised how a few appliances and accents can make you well on your way to acquiring this look!


Make sure to indulge in the modern conveniences. There is a reason things have changed over time, a lot has to do with trial and error. If you want to stick to the vintage aesthetic more so than the modern, don’t be afraid to still gratify a bit in the modern aspects! For instance a kitchen island is still a relatively modern concept in kitchens, but a vintage touch can be added by either distressing the wood or paint job on them and adding in a few antique bar stools to sit on. Another great way to add some storage is to find an old library index card catalog and refurbish it to create a storage unit for spices, recipe cards, small kitchenware, etc…! One final way to achieve this look through storage is by finding unique ways to hang your pots and pans. Above is a picture of a distressed white picket fence with some nails and hooks put on to hold your pots, pans, and mugs. Another great way to modernize this is to hang your pots and pans over the kitchen island from the ceiling, making it modern, and the vintage aspect can come into play by using vintage inspired pots and pans like those made by companies such as LeCreuset, or even buying vintage pots and pans from antique shops.

What a great and relatively easy look to achieve for your kitchen! Give Archway a call and set up an appointment with one of the designers to help achieve this great and trendy kitchen!