Choosing Your Kitchen Color Palette

July 13, 2018 posted In Kitchens

When it comes time for a kitchen remodel, the most important (and usually most exciting) part of the process is choosing what colors you want to use in your new space. Studies show that there’s a psychology behind colors that affect us mentally and emotionally, and those effects can actually change our mood. Therefore, it’s important to really think about what colors you want to display in your kitchen because you will be surrounded by them every day.

There are a few categories of colors that are most often used in kitchens. Let’s break down those categories and explore the psychological elements of each, and why they make good choices for kitchens.


Bright Kitchen Colors 

Many people choose bright colors for their kitchens because they want to liven up their home and make it more cheerful. A kitchen is a great place for bright colors for the following reasons:

  • The color orange stimulates optimism and a positive outlook
  • Studies show that bright red makes people hungry so it is often used in kitchens to incite an appetite and enhance metabolism
  • Bright green promotes balance and healthy energy
  • Yellow is often associated with joy, intellect, happiness, energy and food
  • Bright colors in general can induce happiness and stimulate the mind




Subdued Kitchen Colors

Light colors, pastels, and muted tones can very relaxing and pleasing to the eye, which is why you’ll often see these colors used in living spaces and bathrooms. Using these colors in your new kitchen can be a great idea, too, because of the following reasons:

  • Toned down colors are a great choice for kitchens because they can be stimulating without being overwhelming
  • Pastel colors bring out a retro feel that can be reminiscent of a simpler time
  • Light or subdued colors convey a soft and sweet energy that is childlike and youthful

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Eclectic Kitchen Colors

Eclectic style usually consists of several bold colors that are not necessarily matching or complimenting each other. It also uses a mix of patterns or textures to create a worldly feel. Some cool things about eclectic colors are as follows:

  • immediately sets a tone of playfulness and informality
  • makes for a great conversation starter, especially if you use unusual items as decoration – such as items that you may have found while traveling to interesting places
  • bright, mismatched, eclectic pieces add dimension to any space and can create a visually pleasing element to your kitchen



Neutral Kitchen Colors

Neutral colors are often thought of as very muted and come in soft shades of beige, white, cream, or grey. Neutral kitchens are great because they blend in nicely with the rest of the home and won’t look out of place. They are also very calming and clean, and work for any style of kitchen, whether it’s modern, transitional or traditional. Other great things about a neutral kitchen include:

  • endless accent color options – neutrals go with everything!
  • many options for accessories that won’t clash with an overwhelming color (see metal accessories below)
  • can be very relaxing and make your kitchen look high-end at the same time




A monochromatic color palette is when you choose one color and then use varying shades of it, and perhaps only one complimentary color. If you want to create a very clean and sophisticated look in your kitchen, while still making a statement, a monochromatic theme is a great choice. Here are a few other reasons why it works:

  • like neutral colors, you can choose from many accent colors in a monochromatic kitchen because there’s only one main color you’re working with (see the kitchen below that uses yellow, blue, and brown as accent for the grey color palette)
  • it will never look too busy, yet you can still get colorful with it
  • it can be very pleasing to the eye and is quite unique, as many people choose to go with several different colors instead of a spectrum of one



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