Homes Without Kitchens

Living at home without a kitchen can be a challenge. Take the out the stove, oven, fridge, then kitchen sink and cooking seems impossible.

Preparation can significantly ease the restrictions of a chaotic remodel. At Archway Construction we understand the difficulties in remolding a kitchen and know its why many of you hold off your dream kitchen despite it being long over due. Here are some tips on creating a makeshift kitchen, having the right tools on hand and stocking your pantry to make your remodel run as smoothly as possible.


Before walls are demoed, appliances removed, and sinks turned off, find an area or room of your house such as the sub-level, dining room or even the garage where you can set up a temporary kitchen. A folding table should suffice as a counter-top, providing room for secondary appliances that make homemade meals possible. Situate a toaster oven, coffee maker, crock-pot, microwave or even an electric single burner and you’ll be cooking. For longer projects maybe an easy access electric area where you can reconnect a fridge. Need help reorganizing your home or trying to see which area is best to sock appliances for use? Speak to an Archway agent today, Archway provides you with Project Foreman and Project Managers who are specifically with you throughout your project to answer important questions such as these and cater to your homes needs.


When working in an ephemeral kitchen, less is definitely more. In a small box, set aside the cooking utensils and cookware that you’ll need – those that are compatible with in microwaves, toaster ovens, etc. Another box should keep essentials like tin foil, plastic wrap, garbage bags and sandwich bags handy, while everything else is placed into storage. Finally, accept that doing dishes never truly goes away. Locating the temporary kitchen near a laundry tub or bathroom sink will save valuable time.


Take time to account your pantry and shelves to stock up on canned or dry goods such as cereals, soup, fruit and vegetables, etc. Dry snacks such as crackers, nuts, peanut butter, raisins and string cheese make for quick snacks; while not forgetting quick entrées like salads, soups, or rotisserie chicken can be found in your grocery store. Consider creating freeze-and-heat meals or stock up on microwaveable main-course meals like lasagna, soups, stews and meatballs.


While each project is different depending on the depth and detail involved with the work understand a general scope of how long the work might be. Plan weekend family nights or time away from the home/work area to give you and your family a break from the construction.

Unsure about the estimated time or appliances that will need to be moved? Contact Archway construction for a free in home estimate. Our team will come out and give you measurements and take the time to explain the details of any remodeling project to ensure you peace of mind and satisfaction.