Choosing Kitchen Storage & Upgrades

February 11, 2018 posted In Kitchens

We all know that when remodeling a kitchen, the cabinets are probably the most important choice you will make because they take up the most space and have a lot of functionality. That being said, there are so many options out there to get the very best out of your kitchen cabinets when it comes to storage and ease-of-use. Let’s break down all of the different ways you can take your kitchen cabinets to the next level.

Kitchen Cabinet Storage Options

Custom Pantry 

A custom pantry can truly be a life-changing addition to your kitchen renovation because it allows you to get organized, store endless items and access them with ease. Imagine being able to clear your countertops of clutter because you have a dedicated place to store everything. There’s nothing like opening up your pantry to see that everything is easy to access and has its own place to live. Below is a photo of a beautiful custom cabinet we built for a kitchen remodeling client.



Lazy Susan/Super Susan

A great addition to any base cabinet is a lazy Susan or Super Susan with shelving that rotates outward from the cabinet and allows for easily accessible storage. This is great for storing larger items like pots and pans, as seen in the photo below. A single shelf is known as a Lazy Susan, and a double shelf is known as a Super Susan, as seen below.



Trash Bin Holder

No one likes to have to see or smell their trash cans, and your guests certainly don’t want to experience them either. Adding a trash bin holder in one of your cabinets will make sure that never has to happen. There are a few different options for trash bin storage…there’s a single bin holder as seen below, and also a double bin holder that can store two trash cans in one cabinet.



Utensil drawers

Super handy for those who do a lot of cooking, utensil drawers give you a place to keep all of your utensils without taking up precious countertop space. With large, diagonal slots as seen below, you can keep your utensils separated by category, size, etc.



Spice Storage

Another handy storage addition is the spice rack storage built in to the cabinet. It saves room and helps you get all of your spices organized and at the ready for quick and easy cooking.

kitchen cabinet spice rack


Under-Sink Caddies

Under-sink caddies are a great addition for storing and quickly accessing your cleaning supplies. With a great pop-out feature, you won’t have to get down on your hands and knees to find something that you need.


kitchen sink storage

Wine Cubes

Whether you’re an entertainer or just a big fan of drinking wine, wine cubes provide great storage for wine or any other type of large bottles. It’s a great way to save your countertop space and also display all of your wine for you, your family, and your guests to enjoy.



Pan Holder

Organizing your pans is one of the more annoying things to do in the kitchen, because their awkward shapes and sizes are very difficult to store in a way that is easy to access. If you try to stack them on top of each other, you then have to take them all out at once just to get to the one you need. A pan holder is perfect for keeping them neat, organized, and easy to pull out when needed.


Other Kitchen Cabinet Upgrades

  • Soft close drawers & doors – these are drawers that will never slam shut because they close on their won after being gently pushed in
  • Dovetail drawers – a construction technique that is widely used in the industry, dovetail drawers are extra-sturdy and will last a very long time (see photo below for detail)
  • All-Plywood construction – you have the option to choose an all-plywood construction for the inside and base of your cabinets, as opposed to particle board. This ensures that the cabinets are sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Frameless construction – frameless construction refers to the way the cabinet doors are crafted so that you don’t have a lip or obstruction on the inside of the cabinet, giving you a few extra inches of space.




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