The Many Different Styles of Entry Doors

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Entry doors (aka front or back doors) are often installed as part of our exterior remodeling jobs…usually in addition to windows or siding. They are a small component of renovating, but can make a big impact on your home’s curb appeal. What many homeowners don’t know is just how many different styles of entry doors there are to choose from. Here is a quick breakdown of the many options you have when it comes to choosing entry doors.

Entry Door Types:

1. Fiberglass doors

Fiberglass is a great alternative to wood or steel because it is durable, energy efficient, and secure. They resist denting, they don’t shrink or warp like wood, and they very closely mimic woodgrain so you can still get the look of a beautiful wood door.

2. Steel doors

Steel doors are also extremely durable and functional. They provide a very sleek and modern look with weather resistance and energy efficiency. Steel doors do not mimic woodgrain like fiberglass doors do, but come in a variety of styles and colors.

3. Storm doors

Storm doors protect your exterior door from bad weather while also providing ventilation. They are made up of varying combinations of screen and glass panels and many of them have removable panels that can be changed depending on the season.

4. Sliding Glass doors

Sliding glass doors are most commonly used for patios or back entrances. They are made of two large glass panels, one that easily glides past the other for easy entry and exit. A sliding glass door also doubles as a large window.

5. Wood Paneled doors

Wood paneled doors are your typical wooden doors with raised panels on the front. They come in many different wood types, including cherry, oak, and maple.

6. Glass and Wood Paneled doors

A very common door type is the wood and glass combo, where the majority of the entry door is made of wood, but there’s a glass window on the top portion.

7. Sidelight doors

Sidelight doors are a door/window combo where the entry door is flanked by two narrow windows on either side and sometimes one on top. This allows more light to come through and serves as added security because you can peek out the windows to see who’s at the door.

Entry Door Styles

There are so many styles of entry doors that listing them out would go on for a very long time, so here’s a diagram from our entry door supplier, ProVia, showing all of the different styles available.

entry door designfront door stylesentry doorsentry door stylesglass paneled entry doors

If you weren’t already overwhelmed by the multitude of entry door styles, there are also loads of accessories to go along with them…handles, knobs, grids, simulated divided lights, frosted glass, keypads, knockers, mail slots, kick plates, and peepholes, just to name a few!

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