Transitional Kitchen Remodel – Before and After Photos

Before and After bathroom photos

We recently finished up a kitchen remodeling job in Burbank, IL. The clients had an outdated kitchen that needed a lot of work. Take a look at the kitchen design they were living with before we stepped in:

kitchen remodel photos

As you can see, this original kitchen design looks very old, outdated, and dirty. The white kitchen cabinets and wall tile showed the wear and tear that had developed over the years (that’s why it looks slightly yellow in this picture). The appliances were old and malfunctioning, and the floor tile was about as drab as it gets. That tan-brown porcelain that was a staple in the 90’s isn’t doing anyone any favors at this point.

It’s obvious that this kitchen needed a complete upgrade and makeover, which is exactly what we did. Frank, one of our senior kitchen design specialists, did a great job of working with the homeowners and their specific needs to create a brand new, beautiful transitional kitchen that will look timeless in the years to come.

Here’s what the kitchen looks like after a complete (“gut”) remodel.

new kitchen design


custom kitchen


As you can see, this is a huge improvement! This new kitchen has some great elements that make it transitional or timeless in style, like the stainless steel appliances, the espresso colored cabinets, and the light granite countertop. The kitchen tile backsplash and porcelain flooring match well and tie everything together.

In the end, the customers were extremely happy with their newly designed and constructed kitchen and we were proud that the job went smoothly and was finished within the homeowners’ budget.