Find Your Bliss in a Contemporary Bathroom

December 4, 2015 posted In Bathrooms

When you are looking for a place to escape life’s woes in your own home, a bright and clean contemporary bathroom can really do wonders. Contemporary style bathrooms are popular among our customers because of their clean lines, calming colors, and minimalist style. Some contemporary bathrooms have earned the description of “spa-like” because of these elements, and who doesn’t want a beautiful spa-like oasis in their home?


Contemporary Bathroom Elements

So, what makes a contemporary bathroom? Usually, this style consists of clean lines, neutral colors, and very simplistic materials and accessories. Let’s explore some of the staples of contemporary bathroom design.


Floating Vanities

Floating vanities create more space in the room, giving it a light and airy feel. They also provide the clean, modern lines that create a calming space.

floating bathroom vanity


Subway Tile

This timeless look is clean and simple with a touch of class. It will truly never go out of style, which makes it a great choice for homeowners that may want to sell their home in the future. A clean and classic look is appealing to nearly everyone, which is why this tie has remained so popular for so long.



Frameless Shower Doors

A frameless shower door is about the cleanest, sleekest look you can achieve when it comes to shower design. It is also another way to make the bathroom look like it is more spacious because the lines disappear into the background, unlike framed doors that create a boxed-in look.


Natural Materials (Or natural-looking materials)

Natural materials like wood and stone look beautiful in contemporary spaces. They add warmth and texture without taking away from the overall design. In bathrooms, natural surfaces are not always the best choice because they aren’t waterproof. Luckily, there are beautiful porcelain tiles on the market today that look exactly like wood, stone, and other natural materials. We use these very often in our contemporary bathroom renovations.


Contemporary Bathroom Accessories


Contemporary baths use soft, subtle lighting fixtures that aren’t too large or ornate. The goal is to have them almost disappear into the background of the space while also providing ample light.



The colors used in contemporary style are usually soft and neutral. Many of our recent bathroom remodels have incorporated light gray, taupe, white, and light blue as the primary or accent colors and these have turned out to be both beautiful and serene.


Shower Fixtures

The typical styles of shower fixtures for contemporary bathrooms are those that look very clean and modern, in colors like chrome or brushed nickel. For a lusher shower experience, think of adding a rain shower head or body sprays.



Ready For a Contemporary Bathroom?

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