“Trends at Archway” – Bathroom Vanities

October 7, 2015 posted In Bathrooms

floating bathroom vanity

There have been many different trends in the world of bathroom vanities over the last decade or so, and at Archway, we’ve seen them all. From large furniture vanities with double sinks to floating vanities with large vessel sinks…we have installed them all!

A few years ago, the biggest trend in bathroom vanities was the wall-mounted or “floating” vanity that sits up off the ground and is anchored to the wall without any legs (a very modern look). Lately, however, we’ve seen a shift back to the more traditional furniture vanities that have lots of storage space.

The reason for this shift back is probably because storage space is a commodity in bathrooms, and when people are remodeling their bathrooms, they want to get as much storage space as possible.

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