Understanding A Bath Renovation Process

August 24, 2018 posted In Bathrooms

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When it comes to bathroom renovations, there’s a very structured process that we like to follow at Archway to make sure the homeowner understands every step of it as we go along. If you are considering a bathroom remodeling project with us, here’s what you can expect that process to look like.


The first step in the bathroom renovation process is meeting with a designer to plan out the scope of work and the new design for your bathroom. This includes going over any changes you would like to make to the existing floorplan, what materials you would like to add or remove, and what you want the overall style to look like. After discussing this with your designer, he or she will produce 3D renderings of the proposed new space so you can visualize all of the changes and the new bathroom layout. Once you have determined the design and a scope of work, the renovation can be priced out into an estimate.



Once the scope of work is decided, your designer or salesperson will give you a written estimate of what they believe will be the total cost of the remodel. These costs are broken down into a few different parts:

  • Labor – this is the cost for our subcontractor(s) to perform demolition and preparation of the space, and install all new materials (vanity, tub/shower, flooring, lighting, fixtures, etc.)
  • Materials – allowances are given to the homeowner for all of the materials needed within the scope of work to help keep the project from going over budget
  • Plumbing/Electrical work – if any plumbing or electrical work needs to be done, i.e. moving around pipes or wiring to accommodate the new design, we will hire tradespeople to complete the work and the cost will be included during this phase

In some cases, there may be a need to make changes to the scope of work or the materials used in your renovation after the job begins. In that case, we will provide a change order and the price will be adjusted accordingly.



We work with several crews of highly-skilled subcontractors that are specialized in bathroom remodeling, and we schedule them according to their availability. Once you sign a contract to perform the renovation, we will schedule it with the crew that we think will be best to work on your particular job.

The bathroom renovation itself typically takes about 10 working days from start to finish. This is standard for an average-sized bathroom, which architecturally is 5’x7’ in size. If your bathroom is larger or involves more complicated work, it may take some additional days to complete.



bathroom workmanship warranty

Archway provides the highest quality products which include brands you may know, such as Kohler, Moen, Delta, Feiss, Kitchencraft, Homecrest and works with reputable national suppliers like Ferguson, DalTile, MSI and more.

We provide a workmanship warranty for all bathroom renovation projects…we back up our work!  Your Bathroom Design Specialist will give you all the details during your initial consultation and answer any questions you may have.