5 Bathroom Design Ideas for Your Remodel

April 3, 2014 posted In Bathrooms

Is it time to remodel that outdated bathroom and give it a fresh look? There are many bathroom design ideas that we would like to share with you to help make the process a little easier for you. There are many trends in bathroom design right now that are quite popular among those looking to add sophistication and elegance to their space. The following five design ideas can work in almost any space, big or small.

Floating Vanities


Floating vanities are a big trend in bathroom design right now, because of the sleek lines and modern feel they create. This updates any style of bath and makes the room feel airy by adding open space between the bottom of the vanity and the floor. If you want to add style to your bathroom without compromising functionality, this is a great design choice.

Tile Accents

photo-4-2                 Taking tile beyond the floor is an affordable bathroom upgrade that adds glamour and a bit of sparkle. Glass tiles are very popular to use for accents, especially mosaic tiles in many different colors. You can even use colored tiles to create an accent wall without ever getting out a paintbrush.

Glass Showers

Glass shower cubicle

A glass shower door lends a sleek and luxurious look to any bathroom, but there are more benefits to this design than just looks. This shower lacks a ledge or lip to step over to enter the shower, which makes it a great choice for aging family members or young children.

Artistic Bowl Sinks

bath3 Artistic bowl sinks like the ones seen above are a great way to add a unique and stylish look to your bathroom vanity. They are available in many different colors, styles and materials so you can work them into the overall design aesthetic of the bathroom.



Contemporary Full Bath, Kohler jacuzzi, full white vanity, open shelving, pendant lighting, granite counters, W Oak hardwood flooring Take a beautiful bathroom to the next level by adding storage that it not only practical, but beautiful too. Bathrooms tend to get overloaded with cosmetics and grooming products, so installing storage allows you to put everything in its place. Mix open and closed storage, or try frosted-glass door inserts, shown in this bathroom, to add interest to the room and break up a wall of cabinets. Do you have any bathroom design ideas of your own? Share with us in the comments below and let us know your favorite part of bathroom remodeling and design. If you are ready to update your bathroom, please give us a call today to get started with a personal bathroom designer!