Bathroom Elements and Materials

A bathroom remodel is made of many parts and pieces that come together to create a beautiful space.

Building a new bathroom takes a lot of thought because of all the elements involved in renovation. That’s why we help you put together all of your options when it comes to creating your dream bathroom, from vanities to flooring and everything in between.

The many components that make up a new bathroom can be overwhelming, so at Archway, we help guide you through the process of picking everything out.  To help you prepare for your particular project, we’ve outlined the bathroom remodeling components you can expect to see during your renovation.


A beautiful vanity provides a combination of style and function for any bathroom design.

The type of vanity you choose for your bathroom remodel can set the overall aesthetic and style for the space, so it's important to understand your options.


Vanity cabinets are most often made from solid wood, typically crafted from maple, alder, oak, or rift oak, which provides an array of different looks and styles. Other materials commonly used to create vanities are plywood, melamine, thermofoil, MDF, and acrylic. Wood tends to create a more traditional or transitional look while the others create a more modern or contemporary style.

Most bathroom vanities have standard drawers and cabinets that are constructed out of a plywood base with the drawer or cabinet door added to it.


Vanities come in many different shapes and sizes and there are endless colors, finishes, glazes, brushstrokes, etc. to choose from when it comes to styles. The two most popular vanity styles today are furniture and floating, as shown in the photos at left. A floating vanity attaches to the wall and gives the illusion that it is floating on the wall. A furniture vanity has legs and sits on the floor (like a piece of furniture).

If you choose to do a custom vanity instead of one that is already built (stock), you'll have the option to choose a countertop and hardware that will complete the overall look.


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Plumbing fixtures help to combine design and function in any bathroom.

Bathroom plumbing fixtures serve two important functions - they complement the overall style while also providing the water for the bathroom. The fixtures you'll need to choose as part of your remodel include a faucet, tub spout, shower head, and any additional upgrades you may want to add.


Bathroom plumbing comes in many different types of materials, depending on the fixture. Most faucets, shower heads, and tub spouts are available in the following: Chrome, brushed nickel, brass, bronze, copper, and stainless steel.

Other, more unique materials can also be found for plumbing hardware, such as black, gold, pewter, and white.


Endless options await you when choosing elements of bathroom plumbing fixtures, including:

Faucets and tub spouts - one control or two?

Shower heads - fixed, rain, handheld, body sprays

Drains - Linear or circular?

Styles - Modern, traditional, or somewhere in between?


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The tile sets the tone for your new bathroom, and the sky's the limit when it comes to your options.

Beautiful tile creates a beautiful bathroom, while also serving  the very important function of keeping water from seeping into the walls and floor. Learn more about the elements of bathroom tile below.

beveled subway tile


Ceramic – Ceramic tile offers durability with the best value, but not many options for designs

Porcelain – The most durable tile you can buy and comes in many colors and designs

Glass –  Glass tile is unique and a good choice for adding some personality to your bathroom


Style – There’s a style of bathroom tiles to fit traditional, contemporary, and transitional styles alike

Shape – Bathroom tile comes in many shapes, such as square, rectangle, round, and hexagon

Color – There are virtually endless options available for color when it comes to bathroom tile


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Bathroom accessories the final pieces that come together after your bathroom has been remodeled. When choosing your accessories, there are a variety of options to consider.

Archway provides the accessories as part of our bathroom remodeling packages. You will be able to pick out these accessories based on what your budget allows.

Towel Bars

Choose from many different shapes and styles of towel bars to fit your bathroom style. Some even have warming qualities to keep your towels warm!

Toilet Paper Holder

Believe it or not, there are many different styles and designs of toilet paper holders, from horizontal to vertical and modern to traditional.

Towel Ring

Towel rings also have many styles. Not all of them are rings...some are square or oval and they have many different designs.


Modern, traditional, square or round…any style of mirror you like can be found in many styles, colors, and finishes.


Endless options for types and placement of bathroom lighting...sconces, light bars, and 3-bulbs are all very popular lighting fixtures.

Exhaust Fan

An exhaust fan effectively removes moisture and helps keep the bathroom area dry. There are many options available, even some that are virtually silent.